Can Amazon make it?

05 décembre 2007


We are 4 students and we decided to realise a blog about the Amazon rainforest. We are studing in a engineer school of international agro-developpment in Paris. Our names are Clemence, Amandine, Victoire and Florence. We are 20 years old. We create this blog as part of our english class.

We have chosen this topic because we would like to travel in this area and we feel concerned with ecological disaster in this part of the world. Moreover we think it's important to be informed and to have a critical point of view about what it is said by public opinion.

This blog is made to have talks and to share your feeling about Amazon deforestation.

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07 décembre 2007

First of all, a short presentation...

Localization: South of America

Countries: Brazil (60%), Peru, Venezuela, French Guyana, Surinam, Bolivia, Colombia.

Surface: 4 millions km² (which represent a third of tropical woods of world)

Population: 20 million persons living in the Amazonia

The Amazon shelters lots of vegetal and animal species (30 000 are counted and regularly news are discovered)

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20 décembre 2007

Face of Amazon today

    Amazon is composed of three woods which are the wood of " Terra Firme", the wood of "Varzea" and the wood of "Igapo".
The wood of "Terra Firme" is made of formidable trees, it's the biggest and it's is rich of "hard" species. The wood of "Varsea" was the first wood to be utilized. It is rich of "white" species as palm-trees. The last called wood of "Igapo" is a boggy land practically not exploited.

Each year Amazon looses about 4,3 billion hectares which represents one football's terrain each 5 seconds.


Satellite's images of deforestation in Bolivia between 1986 and 2001.

what a shame!

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30 décembre 2007

PERU : point of view

In Peru the president is Alan Garcia. Recently he has questioned the existence of uncontacted Indians living in the Amazon rainforest. The president’s comments come just six weeks after 21 uncontacted Indians were photographed in south-east Peru.
In an article appears in El Comercio (one of Peru’s major national newspapers), he affirmed:”We have to exploit massively natural resources of the country and the Amazon is the number one!”; although he acknowledged that his point of view is not shared by all.
“In opposition to oil, [environmentalists] have created the figure of an ‘unconnected’ Amazon native; that’s to say, unknown but presumed to exist,’ the president wrote. ‘As a result, millions of hectares should not be explored, and Peruvian oil should be left underground while the cost of a barrel on the world market is $90.”

For reading President Garcia’s article in El Comercio (in spanish):

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23 janvier 2008

New wave of expectancy

Participants of united nations conference in Bali about the global warming let think that they will include the forests preservation in the next negociations! It seems to be a first step toward the reach of a mondial awareness...

Furthermore, Brasil is about to sanction the trade coming from illegal deforestation. Indeed, amazonian land owners are allowed to feel trees in 20% of their area, but the main part cut much more than that.

Today, it is known that more than 17% of the amazonian natural vegetation has been destroyed.

In most of the case, to create new pastureland.

Source : Le Monde.

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25 janvier 2008

Something that we must be aware of

                                      A BONE TO PICK

We found  interesting facts on the web that must be shared with you to create a debate:

With the " One billion trees for the earth" of the united nations program for the environment, it seems that CO2 emissions caused by the human activities could be balanced by trees planting :

                          -Pinus patula in the mexican Andes.

                          -Eucalyptus in the whole Latin America.

But, if those actions came from the reforestation, it is prooved that those species impoverish a lot the soil.

More than that, if we would like to balance the CO2 mondial emissions, it would be necessary to invest almost a quarter of the lands used for agriculture!

Do the developping countries must solved the errors of the industrialized countries?

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06 février 2008



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We choose  to put those links not in the area specially designed for because plenty of informatons that could, and we hope that they will raise question.

We are waiting for your commentaries!!!

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08 mai 2008

Some figures

  • 75 millions (surface) of wood exploited each year nd the governement gives just 25 millions of licences!!!

  • 70% ::::> in the Amazon river, the rate of mercury is 70% higher than the international standard.

  • 80% of ilegal exploitation (wood) in Brazil.

  • 2/3 it was in 1999 the rate of intact forest.

  • 2020 it is the year of the previsionnal desapparition of Amazon.

More figure in

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