30 décembre 2007

PERU : point of view

In Peru the president is Alan Garcia. Recently he has questioned the existence of uncontacted Indians living in the Amazon rainforest. The president’s comments come just six weeks after 21 uncontacted Indians were photographed in south-east Peru.
In an article appears in El Comercio (one of Peru’s major national newspapers), he affirmed:”We have to exploit massively natural resources of the country and the Amazon is the number one!”; although he acknowledged that his point of view is not shared by all.
“In opposition to oil, [environmentalists] have created the figure of an ‘unconnected’ Amazon native; that’s to say, unknown but presumed to exist,’ the president wrote. ‘As a result, millions of hectares should not be explored, and Peruvian oil should be left underground while the cost of a barrel on the world market is $90.”

For reading President Garcia’s article in El Comercio (in spanish): http://www.elcomercio.com.pe/edicionimpresa/html/2007-10-28/presidente_alan_garcia_julio.html

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